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We are living in an unprecedented age where facts don’t matter, and narrative means everything. The power of a story can actually create the illusion and perception of altering facts and bending reality. Incredible, right? That’s the power of a narrative. This obviously, can be used for evil, and has been, but that’s not who we are or what we’re about.

We aren’t here to deny truth, manipulate, or alter facts. We’re here to tell an authentic story, grounded in reality, because we believe that the truth is more powerful than lies and manipulation. This is why we are not just another PR or marketing firm, we are Mission Story, and the first word says it all.

We’re on a mission for good, to be a light in the darkness, to change the world and to help people. As an organization, we’re living into what we believe is our calling; working to fulfill a great commission to tell great and true stories that inspire and help people. We will not use sneaky marketing, manipulation, or lies to peddle a narrative, but we will share the raw, compelling, and sometimes uncomfortable truth. We believe truth matters, and integrity appreciates over time – over eternity. You see, our society has it backwards. We live in a culture that celebrates talent, even manipulative talent, more than integrity. Talent, used for good or bad, depreciates over time, just like our bodies. Our physical strength and appearance diminish. But we never have to lose our integrity. In fact, your integrity is your destiny.

Of course, we want your organization’s mission to succeed, to get new donors, to change the world; and we’re here to help tell your story in a way that does exactly that. However, we will never resort to lies, manipulation, false narratives or the denial of facts to do so. If that is what you’re looking for, then Mission Story is not a good fit. There are plenty of PR or marketing firms that will bend truth and reality and work with you to actively deceive. Entire industries are built on it. What sets us apart is that we will have absolutely no part in that.

We truly believe truth and integrity, and your raw, honest story is what will change hearts, move people, and transform the world. We come at storytelling from pretty much the opposite of how the world comes at it. That’s why we’re Mission Story. We are on a mission. Your mission matters, your story matters, and together they hold the power to transform lives and add some good to a world in desperate need of it. If you need to tell even a slightly false narrative in order to do that, then you should seriously question the authenticity of your mission. Hold yourself to the same standards you hold others. Be the good you want to see in the world. Do not fear, hide, or thwart the truth, you will be better for it, and so will your organization.

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